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There are actually many service providers advertising on the internet but there are only a few that are proven to pay and have a good quality of service. I will share 4 (five) best ad providers and are proven to be paid with the highest price to the owner of the website.

Google Adsense

For the first one I choose adsense, this why I chose this adsense because all well-grounded. AdSense is an advertising service provider that delivers the highest paid and most expensive to pay the publisher (ad pengpublikasi). Almost every website to blog user's service provider.

However, even so adsense very selective in choosing its publisher. Many of the rules and criteria that must be met for a website can use ads from adsense. Therefore for all of you who are new to making websites should work harder in order for a website or blog you guys have a good visitor traffic and high can then register to adsense.


This is one of the toughest competitors adsense i.e. medi. anet, one of the best providers of ads adsense nearest competitor who strongly support the Bing and Yahoo, though not as much as adsense member but media.net is one of the most expensive and highest-dollar givers for the owner of the website or blog.

Just as with adsense, media.net also very selective in choosing its advertising publishers website. Therefore, we must enhance the quality of our website first just starting to try registering hehe (nothing immposible).


New Revenuehits there around the year 2008, however this service provider has proven to pay membernya and certainly with high paid though not as high as adsense or media.net. However registration in revenuehits is pretty easy and no doubt directly accepted by the revenuehits this may be due to revenuehits is still new and need a lot of incoming member.

Even though it belongs to the already long enough but many website or blog owner who has not knowing there was this ad providers. revenuehits has a great many types of variant ads ranging from ordinary banners to pop-up ads. Therefore I recommend you guys soon register revenuehits as long as they still need a lot of member, When wishing to register can visit the site Revenuehits


Proppellerads is one of the highest-paying ad provider publishernya. Advertising matter ranging from proppeler popunder banner ads are cool, various sizes, intersetial etc. So proppeler is a combination advertising CPM and PPC a must you try because it ensures secure and must pay publishernya.

So wait what else try to register blogmu at one of the highest paying PPC ads and the highest of these, and wait for the web or blog mu diapproved, key

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