CAUTION!! laboratory COATS needed in the least TIMES

1. What will the notice mean?
(A)  The laboratory coats, we tend to cannot wear it there.
(B) we tend to don't seem to be allowed to require laboratory coats there.
(C) we have a tendency to area unit urged to wear coats within the lab.
(D) we tend to should wear laboratory coats all the time anyplace.

Questions two and three confer with the subsequent text.

Dear Bags
Congratulations, You won 2 gold medals within the lawn tennis tournament. you're the simplest. persevere active and that we can invariably support you to achieve your dream of changing into an expert lawn tennis
player within the years ahead.

Tias Laverta, M.Pd.

2. what's the writer's intention to jot down the text?
(A)  To praise Bagas for his success.
(B)  To inspire Bagas to achieve his goal.
(C)  To share his happiness with Bagas.
(D)  To support Bagas to induce the medals within the tournament.

3. “Keep  on active  and we tend to can invariably support you to achieve your dream of changing into an expert jock within the years ahead.”
We can infer from this statement that the author hopes Bags
(A) keep humble and calm.
(B) invariably be happy.
(C) persevere success within the future.
(D)  be a far better person.

Questions four to seven confer with the subsequent text.

The aurora typically seems as curtains of lights, however, they will even be arcs or spirals, typically following lines of force in Earth's field. Most area unit inexperienced in color however typically you will see a touch of pink, and powerful displays may additionally have red, violet and white colors.

The lights usually area unit seen within the so much north the nations bordering the Arctic Ocean North American nation and AK, Scandinavian countries, Iceland, Greenland, and Russia.

But robust displays of the lights will extend down into additional southerly latitudes within us. And after all, the lights have a counterpart at Earth's South Polar Regions.

The colors within the aurora were additionally a supply of mystery throughout human history. however, science says that completely gases in Earth's atmosphere provide off different colors once they area unit excited. chemical element offers off the inexperienced color of the aurora, for instance. the gas causes blue or red colors.

4. What will the text tell the United States of America?
(A)  The history of Aurora.
(B)  The characteristic of Aurora
(C)  The mystery of natural lights.
(D)  The sensible light-weight in Earth's

5. the various color of aurora is caused by
(A) the placement of its look.
(B)  the reflection of fireside on the sky.
(C)  the position of the Earth's field.
(D) the various gases in Earth's atmosphere.

6. What happens once aurora seems in southerly latitudes within the United States?
(A) it's additional stunning.
(B) The lights area unit was brighter.
(C) The gases area unit lighter atmosphere.  
(D) the colors area unit stronger.

7. This text can attract the eye of scholars United Nations agency
(A) wish to study regarding light-weight.
(B)  have high curiosity in colors.
(C) have an interest in the phenomenon.
(D) need to grasp additional regarding Earth'smagnetic field.

Questions eight to ten confer with the subsequent text.

A long-time past, there was an associate woodlet that was in hand by a chic couple and full of the foremost delicious tamarind trees. One day, a fairy set to check the couple’s generosity. She came to the woodlet, dressed as a poor, previous girl and begged for the couple to relinquish her many fruits since she was hungry.

The stingy couple let their dogs loose on her. The previous girl was bitten by the dogs and badly slashed. She touched the enormous Tamarindus indica and cursed, “Your greed shall be punished”. because the girl walked away, the sky darkened and a fierce storm stony-broke out. The deluge continued till late in the dark.

The next morning, the sky was clear and blue, the couple came to tend their woodlet and that they were lost to search out their entire woodlet gone. Instead, there was water everyplace. once they looked down into the water, they may still see their precious trees at an all-time low of the lake. individuals decision the lake “Sampaloc Lake” which implies Tamarind Lake in English.

8. what's the text largely about?
(A) the foremost delicious tamarind fruit.
(B) a chic couple associated with a previous girl.
(C) an awfully poor, hungry previous girl.
(D)  The legend of Sampaloc Lake.

9. Why did the fairy plan to modification herself into a poor previous woman? She
(A) needed to style the delicious tamarind trees.
(B) needed to check the wealthy couple’s generosity.
(C) required to facilitate from the woodlet owner.
(D)  knew that the wealthy couple was greedy.

10. what's the most plain of the second paragraph?
(A)  The woodlet was buried at an all-time low of the lake.
(B)  The orchard had gone before the significant rain fell.
(C)  The wealthy couple was glad to visualize the sky was clear and blue.
(D)  The disappearance of the woodlet created the couple confused.


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